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HYDRAVOX (David Shaw), is a multidimensional artist and musician. 

The name HYDRAVOX stands for many voices ; Hydra being the several headed snake of greek mythology, and Vox being voice in latin.

This represents the multi facitited nature of David's artistry, and allows them to express anything and everything under one single name!

Musically, David enjoys exploring a wide range of genres - frequently performing as a classical violin/violist, as well as releasing their own music under HYDRAVOX.

David sees the voice as a portal to their inner child, as well as a way to embody feminine and masculine energies.

David's approach to creativity is very much rooted in the idea that humans are able to channel divine forces, which encourage and nurture creativity.

HYDRAVOX's mission is to share magic with the world ; magic that you can see, hear and feel. 

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